Bali Butterfly Park

Bali is a popular holiday destination for many reasons. You will be fascinated by captivating sea beaches of Bali, and some of them are truly breathtaking and will offer you complete privacy. Bali is also a favorite among adventure lovers as it has many swift rivers, forests, caves and cliffs to explore. Those who come to Bali make it a point to visit Bali National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary and especially the wonderful Bali Butterfly Park Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali.


The Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali) is located 7kms north of the town of Tabanan, the area of Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali . Due to the massive sign outside the Bali Butterfly Park, with the butterfly enclosure, it’s easy to find approximately 50 meters off the road. after parking you’ll see a souvenir shop and ticket office.

Butterfly Park Bali-Bali sunrise trekking_1There is a small fee to pay before entering the Bali Butterfly Park – But if you choose to let us guide you to this Bali place and others too – The tour can be seen inside our Bali tour packages (use this link to read more about the Bali tours.

The Butterfly Park in Tabanan is one of the smaller attractions of Bali within reach for people who live or visit Bali, in the southern part of Bali island. Spread over 3,500 square meters, this butterfly enclosed – a huge Bali butterfly park is perfect for studying ecosystem, breeding and protection of butterflies.

The Butterfly Park of Bali is not only a park in that sense, but it also gives you a clear picture of the life cycle of butterflies, because in addition to observing a variety of collection types and sizes of butterflies in a tropical nature, visitors can see the butterfly’s life starting from the caterpillars, chrysalis, to turn into a butterfly. Inside the Bali Butterfly Park there are hundreds of butterflies from 15 types of butterfly species. Collection of butterflies in this area generally come from Bali.Butterfly Park Bali-Bali sunrise trekking-2

In this Bali Butterfly Park you’ll get the option to relax with the whole family, you can find and see the most famous Bird wing Butterfly, Various kind endemic species from all over Indonesia. You can also learn about the effort to conserve them and before leaving stop offer to very special souvenir shop. The gardens contain ponds and a variety of bushes and plants.

The Bali Butterfly Park, Bali is a very beautiful Bali place and one of the Bali attractions. Visits to the Bali Butterfly Park, is a part of some of our Bali tour packages, combined with visits to other Bali places. Get more information about a tour packages where Bali Butterfly Park

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