Bali Sea Scooter, Underwater Scooter At Tanjung Benoa Beach Nusa Dua

Bali Sea Scooter | Underwater Scooter

Bali Sea Scooter are certainly a very common sight in Bali but it’s not every day you come across one like this. to Bali is the Bali Sea Scooter or Underwater Scooter – a unique way to cruise under the sea. Explore the  underwater world and feed the fish as you drive your scooter through the water. Air is supplied to the fixed helmet through the attached air tank so breathing is as easy as on land. The scooter has a maximum speed of 7 km per hour and depending on how comfortable you are it can reach a depth of 12 metres so your exploring possibilities are endless. Best of all no swimming or scooter driving experience is necessary.Bali Sea Scooter is one of the Bali Water Sport activity that located at Tanjung benoa beach Bali.

Bali Sea Scooter – the easier way to explore under water world

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Bali Sea Scooter Descriptions

The Bali Sea Scooter or Bali underwater scooter has two engines, one for advance, another for movement upwards. The button advance management is on the right side of a wheel. The movement button upwards – on the left side of a wheel.Depth of immersing is supervised by a surface buoy of safety and established on depth to 4 meters that won’t allow you to plunge more low decompression marks and will help to avoid collisions with corals and a sea-bottom.

Enter into water on a ladder which is located on a platform in a back part of the ship and go to the scooter which already is in water. Sit down on the place, remember, the driver always sits down the first, then – the passenger. Further our instructor will let the air out from the ballast chamber and will lower you under water on 4 meters.

Depth of 4 meters allows you to be under water as much as necessary without decompression consequences. Show to your instructor that at you all normally and begin movement. All time under water with a view of your safety you will be accompanied by our instructor, and also to show delights of the underwater world.

Upon termination of your immersing, our instructor will help you to lift the scooter on a surface. After its command you with the scooter you may go up the platform. After platform went up and instructor commanded you leave the scooter.

Bali Sea Scooter | Rate :  USD 55 / person

Bali Sea Scooter | Price Includes :

– Return Hotel Transfers – Transfer to Pontoon by Boat – 25 minute Underwater Scooter Ride – Fully Qualified Instructors – All Necessary Equipments – Insurance. – Towel. – Lunch & Refreshments.

What to bring Bali Sea Scooter :

– Swimsuit – Sunscreen . – A change of clotchs – Money for your drink in the restaurant and for an underwater pictures. – If you want to use your own underwater camera,make sure it is designed to be used down to a depth at least 12 meters .

Remaks : – Age Limit : 12 – 65 years old – Minimum booking 2 person

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